Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chasing Fireflies

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a million things I want to do and I am a big dreamer! I have so many things I want to do professionally that I have had a really hard time deciding exactly which one I should do. I want to conquer the world and most importantly I want to teach my children that they can do the same thing! So anyway I decided that today I will do a post about all the things (okay not all cuz that would take forever) but most of the things I want to do with my life.

I want a little Red (Blue will suffice) house with a wrap around porch that my husband and I will grow old in and my grand babies will come visit often. It will have a BIG giant porch swing! I can't wait!

I want to be an Architect, an Interior Designer, a Nurse, an Ultrasound Sonographer, a Lawyer, a... well you get the interests bloom in a variety of places. So with much thought in the last year I have decided that my heart is really in Radiology. I plan to start going to Weber State University where I will graduate with Honors (I hope) and become a Radiographer and then an Ultra Sonographer! That's what I want to do and that's what will make me happiest! Isn't it amazing that you can see that broken bone or that beautiful baby growing? I mean that is incredible and I look forward to seeing how far technology goes in this field!

I must meet the Dallas Cowboys! (and this includes Troy Aikman!) I would love to line em up and "good game" each of them! This includes slapping them all on the butts! LoL! I have always been a HUGE Dallas fan, and this would make me oh so happy! This is the one thing that bonds mine and my dad's relationship too and I am so thankful for the Dallas Cowboys!

I want a Tacoma! Since I was 12, I have wanted that truck! I am going to get one eventually! Now most people that know me, know I HATE driving...I mean HATE HATE HATE driving. But I would feel better about it if I had my truck! :) It's going to have BIG tires, a nice lift, sound system, four doors, and I am leaning towards black. But really I am not too picky about it. I would even settle for a Silverado! :) I just really want my truck! And my hubby would look cute driving it I think!

I want to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes! My beautiful Aunt died at the age of 34 from the disease! She was changing the world and couldn't do what she wanted cuz it took her so fast! This woman was not just my aunt. She was my sister! I lived with her until I got married. We were raised like sisters! I miss her every day and I will help find a cure til I die!

I want twins! Okay there I said it out loud! I want twins! I know they would be a lot of work, but double the blessing! I want a big family and I am scared that when we have another baby it's going to be my last pregnancy. But I also know that if I get pregnant with twins that I will be at a higher risk for developing Pre E again and that isn't something I love the idea...but they do say I will prob get it again, and I think twins is worth the risk as long as they are healthy! I would have so much fun dressing them up and decorating their rooms!

I want to put Brylie in Ballet or Tumbling! I think she would love either one! I was an excellent tumbler growing up and I loved it so much, but if Brylie prefers Ballet I am happy with that! I want her to pursue her dreams, so if she decides she doesn't want to do either, she has freedom to explore what her talents are in other areas! I just want to make sure she has something she loves to do, and hopefully that will keep her away from trouble and boys as a teenager! :)

I want to Adopt a child from the Marshall Islands. They are beautiful children and a beautiful culture for my family to learn.

I want to travel the world. But most of all I want to go to Cape Cod and see a Cranberry bog and I want to go to Italy. I hope maybe to buy a little vacation Villa when I am older! How wonderful would that be!? I want to start learning to speak Italian and Spanish!

While I am back east I think I will find an English Maze!

I want a black lab puppy! I think we will name her Ramona. And I am sure we will get a cat named Beezus to go along with her!

Okay this is getting long so I will pick one more thing I want to do! I want to get a bod like Shakira's! I think she is so cute! If I can't look like her, can't I at least Shake it like her?! ;) I have stopped drinking Pepsi and plan to start working out regularly to get this goal! I wouldn't mind having her gorgeous crazy hair either!


  1. Your wish for twins is more than I can contemplate, lol. Your little tiny body carrying twins, that would be a sight! But I wanted to say that your risk of getting pre-e again is lower with each pregnancy, so next time you may not even get it at all :) Fingers crossed!

    I love learning more about you! Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and you can cross that Shakira body off your list...

  2. I know it's totally a long shot getting the twins! But I would loooove it! and I love the pics of you with your belly! So amazing!
    Ha ha! I sooo don't have Shakira's bod (ask Steve) he he, but I think it's a realistic goal! And I am excited to work on it! Especially since I prob won't be havin twins for a year or two! I love ya Sarah! Thanks for making me feel so good all the time!

  3. Hey Trish! Cute blog! So I think twins would be so fun too! Yes hard, but soooo fun! Your little girl would make a cute little dancer:) Sometimes in the hometown values and the valpaks that come in the mail there are coupons for a free dance should take her and see how it goes:) 1 more thing..a house like that would be awesome. Don't for get you'll be sipping lemonade on the porch swing!!

  4. Thanks Ashley! That's a great idea, I will have to keep my eye out when we get the hometown values! Mmmmm sipping lemonade on the porch is a def must! :D