Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Dresses

I was really surprised when I checked my Facebook and had a message from a lady I know wanting me to make her some Easter Sundresses and bloomers for her adorable three girls. I was so surprised because, well, she is a pretty awesome sewer and I am just learning! She has done some sewing for Persnickety clothing and I pretty much worship her! So sewing these have made me excited and nervous! But this is how they look so far! I am pretty happy with them! :)I will be delivering them this week to her! I really hope she likes them!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bein worthy to be blessed

I have sometimes found myself looking at what others have, a house, a good job, a big family, a husband with the priesthood, certainty that they have made the right choices and so many other blessings and I wonder why I can't have those things. I forget that I am abundantly blessed. I truly am. I have the most beautiful little girl in the entire world, she came into our life when we needed her the very most and I was able to name her after my sweet aunt who had died just months before she was born. I have the desire to learn and the ability to do so quickly. I am creative like my mom. My husband loves me, and even though we have been through a lot in our almost 11 years, I do believe he loves me and wants us to grow old together. I have friends that are so good to me. And in laws who have opened their home to me. My car, even though it has given me numerous headaches still runs. and I am blessed to be an at home mom to my little girl. I have met people that I know with out a doubt I knew and loved in the life before. I am a daughter of god, and I sometimes forget. He has a time line for me. Someday if it is right I will get my home, I will get my degree, I will grow my family, and I will discover why I had to know heart ache and trials why I get to keep some in my life and others I had to let go, I just have to have faith that I will find the answers I need. Please let that house, career, and family be in my list of blessings! I have to remember that no matter what he has in store for me I will find joy and happiness. My friend ( I consider her a friend ) wrote a blog that really made me think things over in a new light. I am so grateful I found that blog today. Thanks Nikki!