Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wishies in the Wind

Yeah, I know I have been slacking in the blogging department! But I have been busy making plans for getting a new baby here! And this is what I am going to do...wanna hear? I am going to start selling some of the stuff I make! I have done so for friends and family in the past and have really enjoyed it! I always get stopped by strangers asking me about the cute bow or cute dress I have Brylie wearing! So why not use this as a way to get my baby here!? I think it's a fun idea and I really love to make cute spunky clothing anyway! Maybe you will find something on here someday that even you will love! Give my new blog some love too please! I know the pics are less than amazing, but I haven't been working on photography much so I need to get on it! So forgive the pics for now! They will get better! And my models are the cutest so I'm pretty excited! Thanks a bunch everyone!
Wishies in the Wind!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peek a boo pattern give away!

Well I am obviously obsessed with fabrics and sewing now! And today I got on blog land, and found a giveaway that I must be honest I am waaay excited about! Peek-a-boo pattern shop and Agape Love designs are choosing 3 winners and they will get to choose any 3 of their favorite patterns! So each winner gets 3 patterns of their choice! How cool is that?! So if anyone pays attention to my blog at all (yes I know I have not been a good blogger, things have been hectic at home) you MUST check out this great giveaway! I am crushing big time on the little caps! Be sure to check it out! Totally worth it! Good luck everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Dresses

I was really surprised when I checked my Facebook and had a message from a lady I know wanting me to make her some Easter Sundresses and bloomers for her adorable three girls. I was so surprised because, well, she is a pretty awesome sewer and I am just learning! She has done some sewing for Persnickety clothing and I pretty much worship her! So sewing these have made me excited and nervous! But this is how they look so far! I am pretty happy with them! :)I will be delivering them this week to her! I really hope she likes them!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bein worthy to be blessed

I have sometimes found myself looking at what others have, a house, a good job, a big family, a husband with the priesthood, certainty that they have made the right choices and so many other blessings and I wonder why I can't have those things. I forget that I am abundantly blessed. I truly am. I have the most beautiful little girl in the entire world, she came into our life when we needed her the very most and I was able to name her after my sweet aunt who had died just months before she was born. I have the desire to learn and the ability to do so quickly. I am creative like my mom. My husband loves me, and even though we have been through a lot in our almost 11 years, I do believe he loves me and wants us to grow old together. I have friends that are so good to me. And in laws who have opened their home to me. My car, even though it has given me numerous headaches still runs. and I am blessed to be an at home mom to my little girl. I have met people that I know with out a doubt I knew and loved in the life before. I am a daughter of god, and I sometimes forget. He has a time line for me. Someday if it is right I will get my home, I will get my degree, I will grow my family, and I will discover why I had to know heart ache and trials why I get to keep some in my life and others I had to let go, I just have to have faith that I will find the answers I need. Please let that house, career, and family be in my list of blessings! I have to remember that no matter what he has in store for me I will find joy and happiness. My friend ( I consider her a friend ) wrote a blog that really made me think things over in a new light. I am so grateful I found that blog today. Thanks Nikki!

Monday, February 28, 2011

James Franco

I just had to get this off my chest! So blog world you guys get to hear it. I am a huge, I mean HUGE James Franco fan! Tristan + Isolde stole my heart and Annapolis, that was it I was hooked! I cried when I saw that he was the next in line in Wickerman. (I've done my best to forget Pineapple Express.)
But last night, I can't lie...I was really confused about what was going on. He seemed so confused and maybe *gasp* high?! I never ever wanted to see him in a pink dress. I kept saying "that can't be James, that can't be James", but my family assured me it was. BOO!
Anyway, I just really need to get that out! Did anyone else think that he seemed strange?! I guess I have never seen him interview before, so maybe that was his norm! Please someone tell me he had a severely high fever and wasn't feeling up to par!


BAD....oh so bad.

GOOD (in a nerdy way)


Mr. Franco, can we please just stick with the good?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oooo! Fun stuff for Trish!

My dad has a ritual with my 3 year old. He brings her a chocolate bar and treats when he picks my niece up from me! Well today he changed things up a little and brought Brylie some treats and 6 packages that came in the mail for me! I completely forgot I had ordered all this fun stuff! I am going to be so busy making pretty little things in the next few days! I just had to share the fun stuff I got!
This flower is SO BIG! I love it!

I still have some more feathers on their pretty little way to me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

At the Ivy Cottage

My extremely talented Mother in Law has opened a darling shop inside the North Ogden Cannery! Everyone should stop by her blog and see how cute her decorations are! She specializes in Vinyl, Wood, and Metal Decor! She puts so much of her heart and soul into her creations to give her customers some adorable stuff! At the Ivy Cottage is North Ogden's best kept secret! Be sure to give her a visit!

These are some of her darling Take N Make designs! So much fun to put together!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adult Dance and Fitness

If anyone is ever interested in a fun friendly place to learn new skills, get a fab workout, and make new wonderful friends I suggest you check out this blog! Meagan, is the founder of Adult Dance and Fitness

and her Studio Blue is located in downtown Ogden. She is a mom, as are a huge majority of her students!
I have never been there and felt left out or insecure! I am always greeted by name with big smiles and even hugs! She has a darling boutique that you have to check out! and she is so extremely supportive of her students! She has helped us with BOTH Zombie Proms and I just love these wonderful ladies! Her instructors are amazing!

She has a variety of classes, something for everyone. She offers a ton of Dance classes including (but not limited to) Jazz, Hip Hop, Ball Room, Zumba and African Dance. She is a Circus Fitness Enthusiast and offers classes for the beginner to advanced in Aerial Hoop, Aerial Pole, Silks, and Trapeze! I did a hoop class once and loved it! I want to try Silks too! And for ladies that wanna get a little into the sexier side of Pole dancing she offers Chair Dancing and Black Light Pole classes that are so much fun and no clothing is ever removed! You learn how to get your man's attention and you will never feel uncomfortable doing it! Trust me your Hubby will thank you for trying these classes!
Her prices are totally reasonable and so much fun! Check her out! Tell her Trish misses them!
Try em out I PROMISE you will not be disappointed!


I used to be fit! I loved to work out! Motherhood has sort of put a stop to that. I lost all my pregnancy weight within months of having my daughter. But my eating habits and exercise habits changed for the convenient option rather than the healthy one, and about 6 mos after she was born I gained 20 lbs! I am only 5'2 and never weighed more than 102 - 105 lbs my entire life. I was never too skinny and had curves even at that weight. I was always told I had a JLo booty and I weighed a buck! So that will tell you that I wasn't ever at an unhealthy weight for my height and build.
I started Pole fitness at Adult Dance and fitness in 2009. I did that on and off when time and my achey body permitted. I was able to lose almost 10 lbs doing that once a week for about 6 non consecutive months. It's a really amazing and fun work out! I recommend it to anyone and everyone! I have seen women of ALL ages and weight do this successfully and love it!
I have Fibromyalgia and somedays it gets the best of me and working out tends to make it worse than better most of the time, which is frustrating since I used to feel great working out. I let this get to me, and I gave up on working out.
I started playing The Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii and I lost a little weight doing that! It's really fun! Basically if MJ is playing I can't sit still, so this was really a good thing for me!
Just recently I quite drinking Caffeine and sugary drinks. I enjoy one Fresca a day if that. I want to start drinking more water! Last night I weighed myself and I have lost a little more weight, but I am still not back to my pre baby bod, which let's be honest that's the dream for me! My butt has *GULP* cellulite now! AHHHHH!!!! I never wanna look in a mirror again! I know there isn't much I can do but exercise and diet to minimize the look of it! So that's a big goal now! Hide the cellulite as best as possible. So here is the plan!
I am going to start doing the Couch to 5k program! I am really excited to try this out! I guess in my head I believe if I write it on here, it will happen! I should post pics of results, which I may do!
I think that it's important to be healthy and active! I think it's good for mom's and it gives them a release from the mommy world for a bit!
So here is the plan! Find some really healthy Recipes (this is going to probably be the hardest part for me, as I looooove Double bacon cheese burgers with LOTS of mayo and fries!)
I am going to start the Couch to 5K (treadmill and MJ on the Ipod til it's warm out there)! I am getting a gym membership at the local rec center! It's only 12.50 a month and in a convenient area! I am going to start Pole fitness again, I am going to pace myself with it!

I plan to Wii it nightly! Aaaand LOTS of water! I don't think a Tan will hurt much either so perhaps I will do that too! My goal is to get a 6 pack belly and tone up my bod! I am not going to fret too much about my weight as I will about toning and looking healthy!
So wish me luck! Hopefully this will become a wonderful life style for me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chasing Fireflies

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a million things I want to do and I am a big dreamer! I have so many things I want to do professionally that I have had a really hard time deciding exactly which one I should do. I want to conquer the world and most importantly I want to teach my children that they can do the same thing! So anyway I decided that today I will do a post about all the things (okay not all cuz that would take forever) but most of the things I want to do with my life.

I want a little Red (Blue will suffice) house with a wrap around porch that my husband and I will grow old in and my grand babies will come visit often. It will have a BIG giant porch swing! I can't wait!

I want to be an Architect, an Interior Designer, a Nurse, an Ultrasound Sonographer, a Lawyer, a... well you get the interests bloom in a variety of places. So with much thought in the last year I have decided that my heart is really in Radiology. I plan to start going to Weber State University where I will graduate with Honors (I hope) and become a Radiographer and then an Ultra Sonographer! That's what I want to do and that's what will make me happiest! Isn't it amazing that you can see that broken bone or that beautiful baby growing? I mean that is incredible and I look forward to seeing how far technology goes in this field!

I must meet the Dallas Cowboys! (and this includes Troy Aikman!) I would love to line em up and "good game" each of them! This includes slapping them all on the butts! LoL! I have always been a HUGE Dallas fan, and this would make me oh so happy! This is the one thing that bonds mine and my dad's relationship too and I am so thankful for the Dallas Cowboys!

I want a Tacoma! Since I was 12, I have wanted that truck! I am going to get one eventually! Now most people that know me, know I HATE driving...I mean HATE HATE HATE driving. But I would feel better about it if I had my truck! :) It's going to have BIG tires, a nice lift, sound system, four doors, and I am leaning towards black. But really I am not too picky about it. I would even settle for a Silverado! :) I just really want my truck! And my hubby would look cute driving it I think!

I want to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes! My beautiful Aunt died at the age of 34 from the disease! She was changing the world and couldn't do what she wanted cuz it took her so fast! This woman was not just my aunt. She was my sister! I lived with her until I got married. We were raised like sisters! I miss her every day and I will help find a cure til I die!

I want twins! Okay there I said it out loud! I want twins! I know they would be a lot of work, but double the blessing! I want a big family and I am scared that when we have another baby it's going to be my last pregnancy. But I also know that if I get pregnant with twins that I will be at a higher risk for developing Pre E again and that isn't something I love the idea...but they do say I will prob get it again, and I think twins is worth the risk as long as they are healthy! I would have so much fun dressing them up and decorating their rooms!

I want to put Brylie in Ballet or Tumbling! I think she would love either one! I was an excellent tumbler growing up and I loved it so much, but if Brylie prefers Ballet I am happy with that! I want her to pursue her dreams, so if she decides she doesn't want to do either, she has freedom to explore what her talents are in other areas! I just want to make sure she has something she loves to do, and hopefully that will keep her away from trouble and boys as a teenager! :)

I want to Adopt a child from the Marshall Islands. They are beautiful children and a beautiful culture for my family to learn.

I want to travel the world. But most of all I want to go to Cape Cod and see a Cranberry bog and I want to go to Italy. I hope maybe to buy a little vacation Villa when I am older! How wonderful would that be!? I want to start learning to speak Italian and Spanish!

While I am back east I think I will find an English Maze!

I want a black lab puppy! I think we will name her Ramona. And I am sure we will get a cat named Beezus to go along with her!

Okay this is getting long so I will pick one more thing I want to do! I want to get a bod like Shakira's! I think she is so cute! If I can't look like her, can't I at least Shake it like her?! ;) I have stopped drinking Pepsi and plan to start working out regularly to get this goal! I wouldn't mind having her gorgeous crazy hair either!

Quilting and Embroidery? Oh yeah!

I have put a lot of thought into this and research for an embroidery machine. I really want to start learning how to quilt and make cute little onesies with Monograms on them with matching little skirts and tutus. I think it would be a good way to earn a little extra cash on the side for my family! So this is the one I have decided I will go with! The Brother SE400. I have read really good reviews about it from a lot of different places and I am really excited to make some really cute stuff with it when I finally get it!

I can't put a lot of money in a high quality machine right now, those babies are pretty pricey! This one I have found for an extremely good price and this will still give me results I need and I can download my own images to use. I am hoping that I will be able to stitch around appliques. When I get it I will def have to write a review on it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!

I have been on here for just a week and have been awarded my first award! I am really excited about it! I think I am really going to love blogging! Thank you so much Lauren over at Western Furniture Revival for awarding me with the Stylish Blogger award!

Here are some facts about me

I love Pole Dancing for Fitness!
I have a daughter named Brylie that I love so much!
I want to be a Radiographer and eventually a Sonographer!
Baby blue is my signature color!
I love helping do special effects makeup for independent films!
I am addicted to shopping!
I want a Red house with a wrap around porch, it's my dream home!

This award comes with some rules that I am probably not following 100% (in fact if it were 8 fun facts #8 would have been I am a Rebel who doesn't follow rules! LOL!)
1st Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
2nd Tell 7 Random facts about yourself
3rd Pass along to 12 New found bloggers ( I am takin this as new to me and I only did 7 so I hope that's okay! )
4th Contact each blogger and let them know you've passed the award to them and let the giver know you accept!

So here are my Award Choices Because they inspire me so much:

Moose tracks and Tater Stacks

The creative crate

I heart naptime

And then there was Home


My Repurposed life

Funky Junk Interiors

Be sure to check these awesome blogs out! I absolutely love them!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learning Photoshop Elements 9

Today I sat down and decided to start teaching myself how to use Photoshop! I know, I know, I have a very loooong ways to go, but I am having a blast being silly with it! I am hoping to get the Florabella collections, maybe someday all of them to make my pictures really darling. I am really excited to do this! So if anyone has any suggestions on using Photoshop please feel free to let me know! I am open to anything that will help me with the program and making a cute picture amazing! This is a picture I did of my little girl on her Blessing day. Yes, I know it needs a lot of work! But we all have to start somewhere right?! I am hoping someday I will look at this post and laugh and see a huge difference in my editing skills! Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Canon T2i

I have always been into photography! My husband talked me into exploring my desire for this hobby and we have been shopping for cameras. This camera seems to be one that everyone likes. My husband has an interest for Videography which I am guessing is why he all of a sudden said I can drop some cash on a camera and lighting set!
Well I didn't think I would be getting my camera until the weekend, but my hubby just texted me a picture of him holding our brand new baby (the Canon T2i). So I am excited that I get to start practicing taking pictures and working with the lessons and assignments my photography teacher Rob has given me! I am so excited to start posting pics! Yay!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moose Tracks and Tater Stacks

My darling friend Sarah over at Moose Tracks and Tater Stacks has posted several yummy recipes on her blog! I have decided that I am going to give her recipes a try and I will make sure that I post about it each time I do! She has a really great recipe for Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes that look truly amazing and I think I will be trying them this week! Baking is a challenge for me and I am so excited to drag Sarah along with me on my little journey of becoming domesticated!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tutus and bows and dresses, OH MY!

I want to be able to come here and look at how far my crafting comes along. I strive everyday to improve and be a better me and take on challenges. As a child I was athletic and loved sports and I was extremely good at sports. Crafting wasn't really a thing I enjoyed a whole lot growing up. Now I love to craft and decorate and make cute things and I have an interest in cooking as well! So here are a few things that I have made in the last year. I hope with each post I can see improvement in my skills!